Why 2/3rd Majority?

Why is that government always looking for 2/3rd majority after elections? .What happens when they have 60% & 40 % opposition?

in america, 2/3 is known as ‘supermajority’, this is required to:

: Convicting or Impeach a president
: Expulsion of a member of one house of Congress
: Override a Presidential Veto
: Ratify a treaty
: Passing of a Constitutional Amendment by Congress
: Calling for a Constitutional Convention
: Ratifying a Constitutional Amendment
: Restore the ability of certain rebels to serve in the government
: Approval of removal of the President from his position after the Vice President and the Cabinet approve such removal and after the President contests the removal

the rationale for it, instead of just a simple majority (over 50%) is to protect minority’s voice. a 2/3 means there are two times more support for something - it translated into very strong support for the issues. in some states, under some circumstances, it may be raised to 3/4.

but the top prize is always the ability to amend the constitution, the ability to expel a fellow member of congress, the power to sign in and ratify very important laws, the power to bring up a constitutional issue for voting.

in the US constitution, it is said that all US citizens regardless of race have equal rights, equal say, and equal chance to be president, and must be treated equally by the government, if not you can sue your government / local authorities and they must tolerate that from you.

should one day a white extremist group suddenly won the election, and want to amend the constitution to that ‘white is to have favorable privileges and domination over others’, it may be possible they can pass by a simple majority, but not with a supermajority with this US demographics:

White : 65%
Hispanic/Latino: 16%
Black or African : 12.4%
Some other race : 4.9%
Asian alone : 4.5%
Mixed : 2.4%
American Indian : 0.8%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander : 0.15%

but of course it is only an example, americans are one of the most patriotic people in the world, given a choice, 99.7% will choose USA over white-nationalist garbage. to almost all, american national economy & prestige, and keeping the USA free and competitive are what matter most.

gotta catch my flight, you can view more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermajority