Who's eligible to participate in the interschool?

How many of u have read the interview on Michelle De Brujin in today’s (11/04/2010) United Daily News? Michelle came from Kentucky, USA. Her son, Alex, went to school at Riam Road SS. HE, is a student of RRSS. So, what’s wrong with it if he choose to represent HIS school in the recent inter-school meet? Because he’s a Dutch (Alex’s father from the Netherlands)? Com’on, give me a break. THIS IS INTER-SCHOOL EVENTS. Alex is not representing Malaysia to compete in an international event!!! Its INTER-SCHOOL !!! (how many times do I have to repeat this word over and over and over and over again to make those reluctant idiots understand).

Its time to end your hatred towards Dr Fong. Don’t take it too personally. Don’t “kia shu”. Put yourself in the shoes of Michelle or Alex, you know how it feels. What a shame.

Agree with u. What to do. They Kia shu mah. They should learn to compete with full ability mah. If lose, lose la. The ability only reach that level nia lor. Hais…

That’s the right attitude. If Chung Hua Miri’s boys can outplay Alex De Brujin, applause … Malaysian Boleh. Why show your back? wanna get a kick behind? Show your hospitality to our guests from abroad. Miri is a nice place, and have plentiful of nice people around … And, to Alex, don’t get upset, its just don’t worth it. Miri will always welcome you and your family.

Why Chung Hua complained about it? lol…

Chung Hua didn’t complain. It’s TPK making bla bla bla … I’m sure Dr Fong used to acquire players from other countries like Brunei or Indonesia during his time serving in Chung Hua, why then TPk keep quiet? My point is, if he/she IS a student of that school, why can’t he/she represents the school? This is INTER-school, not INTER-national meet. TPK roared b’cos Alex is the potential Gold medal hopes in several events — in other words, “kia shu” :mrgreen:

Yup2. Kia Shu that no one wan to come to Chung Hua again and all go Riam road.


lol… nothing so special anyways… LoL why the heck is the schools sooo competitive until like dat ?? LoL…