Who will win the World Cup 2006?

Just a poll to see who do u think will win the world cup…

Just listed some of the big guns, the rest of the countries, sad to say, r not qualified in this poll. LOL

I am not a real fan for football, so my best guess would be Brazil! :smiley:

From past results, Brazil cant seem to win in European Soil

not a football fanboy so 'll just go with the defending champs…

Only 3 votes! Come on guys! Make this poll “alive”

Me either not a real fan of football but guess I’ll go with England. :wink:

I have to say… Argentina are really on fire this year…

Safe bet is always Brazil but their opponents focus on defence so much that they are likely to get draw later on…

However, next match vs Australia should be quite a one sided match… i support Aus cos im here but then Auzzie’s defence is weak… like really weak… Gonna be another Argentina vs Serbia&Montenegro(6-0) i reckon…

Must be the influences of pretty boys in that team… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say Malaysia… but i’d be lying :stuck_out_tongue:

ps:I’m not really a soccer fan either… muahaha!

Assessment for the potential semi-finalists will be clearer when the 2nd round starts. My very very early hunch for the final…S Korea 2 Brazil 1.

England WIN!!!

I’m fans of England and Germany

England will win :wink:

i go for England… i think they will make it this time… last time won in 1966 and just like Chelsea… 50 years history to pick up the Premiership title… so same will goes to England la… this time… I hope…

My money is on Germany

Ghana did well beating Czechs tonite!


Argentina and German…Argentina superb performance when they won 6-0 other days…German display attacking football but the defenders are not good…

i am ENGLAND fan but no way they will proceed to semifinal or even quarterfinal if they keep playing like last match…stupid long ball to Crouchy the ROBOT…and Lampark tembak burung…

They never came close to the performance against Jamaica before World CUP began…beckham is given to much freedom to roam around the midfield…do wat u do best…CROSSING…leave the midfield to Lampard and Gerard…DUH!!Why start Owen who is clearly not match fit?And also pooor positioning by Crouch…

really hope GOD SAVES the QUEEN…

well based on the game yesterday … Germany and England should be winning this year at least 2nd runner up or 1st runner up or it much better if one of them are champion. LOL!! Wasn’t it cool!!

I will vote for SPAIN

let we see who gonna wins!!!
when is the next match let’s find out for more on Star Sports …

It’s a tough game though…

10PM Astro Supersports & RTM 1 & 2

Iran vs Angola
Portugal vs Mexico

3am Astro Supersports

Ivory Coast vs Serbia & Montenegro
Netherlands vs Argentina

Today woke up watch england game at 3pm, until havent sleep… :cry:

if ENGLAND and JERMAN match on that day I sanggup tak tido.
Hehehhee …

Tonight I just watch others thing not interested on this team.

Watch high school musical on june 25, 19:30pm on Disney Channel (61)