Who to contact on faulty street light?

(Syahrijaya Jeli Bohari) #1

My area got quite a few of faulty street light and this really an opportunity for all the robbers.

Any one knows to to complaint too? Need phone numbers. Thanks

(ken) #2

jkr, i guess? :smile:

(pandemoni) #3

Install your own flood lights

(4John) #4

You can SMS faulty street lights to SE (Sesco)

(winwin) #5

This is something new. Good info 4john. :slight_smile:

(Syahrijaya Jeli Bohari) #6

Thanks… it help…Now just waiting the respond from the local Sarawak Energy.

(mike88) #7

I send an sms to them regarding one of the street light in my neighbourhood rosak, they rectify the problem within 3 days… quite efficient I must say.

(Keong1) #8

thx 4 da info