Who Know How To Design Or Create WEBPAGE?

Anyone know how to design or create html webpage??? I just want a simple webpage which mean no need original can copy from else where and just edit some parts. Thank you. Please private message me ASAP with your contact information such as name and contact name. And please inform me your estimated price. :smiley:

1st all,what website actually u want…u didnt even post an example website…

website has so many kind…

blog ???
ecommerce ???
social network ???
forum ???

professional or not professional?

besides the type of websites, how u want the website to feel like?

Here is a simple answer, that’s what i did for my own website, if you have a little time but don’t want to spend the cash:

Download a free model from this website:
http://www.styleshout.com/ , there are some nicely designed webpages ready to download and edit. Just choose a page that is similar to the final result you expect and change the texts/pictures. Most of the pages in this website a free to download and to use, sometimes the creator will just ask you to make a reference to their website in your own site. Beware some are commercial templates. This is not the only site, just check on google on “website templates”.

To edit the file you have downloaded, use this program : “seamonkey” from Mozilla (same people doing Firefox web browser), it allows you to open and edit the file, not perfect but works well for simple editing. Sometimes you will have to go into the HTML code to change some lines but this is not very difficult to understand as long as you spend a little time.

Price : all free (and legal), just time consuming. But the results are good for simple webpage.

For better results there are some editors from Adobe i think (dreamweaver?) but far from free.

Mr lazuliuser : I sincerely thank you for your advice. Wish you Good Luck, Good Day and Good Good all the way … :lol: