Who is familiar with how DHL delivery service works?

i bought something online, which is delivered by DHL and it has a code which u can track down to see where it is. the item is still in Singapore and its destination is targeted at Kuching. how come its not direct to Miri?

i think ur item need to go thru custom clerance when entering sarawak, that why have to go thru kuching

KL > Kuching > Miri, sometime KL > Miri… About the custom thing, Miri also have have custom… sometimes it just transit at Kch, Its all depend which filght they took… sometime they use the ‘Courier’ flight, and sometime they use 'passenger flight… U can Call DHL Office to keep track of your shipments…

DHL’s kuching=Miri…i receive my package weeks ago also stated package at Kuching,but in the afternoon i receive it already…juz keep on track with the traking number. =)