Who has playing se7en gear android game with their mobile phone?


(nurul farhanah) #1

owkh, any se7en gear player at here? the games look interesting
as i know, now this game have competition with other player for win the big prizes
for me is the 1st time heard about playing games have the competition, so anyone who are playing this game can give me more information about this games?

(siti) #2

hmm…i heard this game before but it only for android phone to play
i don’t this games become competition is a good idea especially for the teenagers
if they can arrange their time on study and playing game is good lah , if not better don’t organise this competition

(Mohd Lutfi) #3

That’s true tho. People tend to pay more attention to their mobile games and even spend money to that games to just increase their highscore and buy the anything from the mobile games. But for this se7en gear game, i also didnt even know about this. I just fond with dota. lol

(muhamamd) #4

heihei,i don’t agree with what you say
because as we know playing games can make us relax from the stress
and this games is first time organise by the celcom and if you are celcom user you can join the competition
actually this competition is special than other games and have big prizes waiting for you

(muhamamd) #5

this games introduced by the celcom not long time ago
so many people won’t know about this games
the se7en Gear games competition like you join the dota tournaments
and this games you only need to upload your high score to win the big prize
for me, it look interesting because i can challenge it with my friend…so you can try to join the competition


but if only Celcom user can play this game so what about other telco users ?
and if like this my bf only focus with this game and no time for me already , no no I don’t like this game

(Rashid808) #7

i think it is depends on the type of games itself. Se7en Gear mobile game is not that exciting game. Mobile legends and dota is much more exciting when compared to this game. This game competition also limited to the xpax and celcom user only. So, it’s so hard to ask my other gamer friends to join as they prefer other telco.

(kamal) #8

I think for sure many ppl are joining this hero game tournament tho, is that possible to win this tournament since there are many users playing this game and want to win the prize? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Gigel Pigel) #9

Yeah, I played it last time since came to the hostel…no time to play also.
but it’s an interesting game u know… now they doing competition sure the players all so excited …
are you playing the game ?? later I gonna participate too .

(Malaika) #10

I think you can win if you know how to play this game. Everyone have their own chance to win in this competition. Why dont you give it a try instead of always thinking whether you can or cant win? Thus, it’s worth to try for the cash prizes and other prizes. You can also release your stress and try something new through this game tournament.

(nurul farhanah) #11

yes.this games only celcom or xpax user can join the tournament to win the grand prizes.so if your bf are not celcom users then you don’t worry about it…i also feel sad and i can’t join it because this game only for celcom user to join the tournament

(nurul farhanah) #12

yup actually what you said is same with what i want say
i think play the games can make people more relax but you cannot addicted to the games
the games has advantage and disadvantage to all gamer…so be careful when play the games