Who do u like at the moment?

[size=150]Hi, i am new here… juz 1 2 share something to u… :slight_smile: do u like any 1 at this moment??? if yes, then have u tell him/her about yor feeling 2 him/her??? re they still study o working?? where is the place they work or study??? please tell it out 2 share with us… maybe some of them can help u, perhaps they know each other!!![/size]


I don’t get it.

walao…no head no tail,catch no ball :smiley:

What’s the purpose???

I can understand about your feeling towards someone you like… but don’t you have anything else to post here as for your first post?
sorry if it’s sound a bit rude, but I can’t take it… LOL!

dick_wong episod 2?


kuola likes some1 who don k abt kuola~~~~ sometimes he did choi me but sometimes din, so how? :oops:

lols so charm me kuola~Hehe

lace lace~~~~ haiz~~~~ u knw i knw loh~~~~

me oli clap1 side hand nia~~~~

so kelian~~~

what is this about? u wan to share something wif us or wan us to share something wif u? Kinda confused

Kuala:Pi la! I think is ppl clapping hand but u no clap back de er~Hehe


i wish i can have someone to like… :mrgreen:

ya meh ya meh? i oleid ‘pee’ liao, y u ask me ‘pee’ again?? u ingat water is foc de? drink nia oli kah? aduhhh~~~~

btw, got ppl clap my hand meh? how come i myself donno de? :roll:

Lols Pi=fart
pee=xiao bian not same ler…Blek~
Hmmph sui bian guess nia cuz…ur standard sure high like klcc ma


yakah?ehseh~~~~~ :oops: don say like dat mah

Dude Mr Simon_ting, there’s one person i like very much right now and glad to say its not you! Please say hello to others dudes like you k! example:dik_wong and friends.


heheh KUOLA hahahah
CoCa KuoLa~