White Rabbit candy test positive for melamine

ETALING JAYA: Samples of White Rabbit Creamy Candy have been found to contain more than 50 times the permitted level of melamine.

Tests on Ego White Rabbit Creamy Candy samples showed that the content of melamine was 135 parts per million (ppm) compared with 2.5ppm, the level permitted by the Health Ministry.

Heath Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai has ordered outlets to remove the candy from their shelves and destroy all stocks.

Those found disobeying the directive can be prosecuted under the Food Act.

The ministry has identified the product and company involved and has issued a directive to the state health departments to destroy the product, he told reporters yesterday at the National Public Health Laboratory.

They shouldnt be selling it or giving it away for free. Consumers should also read food labels properly and call us if they have doubts.

The public should also be on the alert when giving away food hampers or products from China, he said, adding that there were 64 products which have been tested and cleared by the ministry to date.

The latest 14 products to be cleared include Menthos Yogurt, Sams Real Scotch Milk Candy, Miow Miow Lobster Peanut Crisp, Crisp Lobster Peanut Crisp, Sanwa Strawberry, Double Lantern Peanut Cake, Daysun Rice Crisp Cheese and Tongxi Foods Chocolate Egg Rolls.

The others are Tongxi Foods Milk Chocolate Egg Roll, Hong Da Food Crisp Blue Berry Layer Biscuit, Lotte Koala Chocolate Snack, ZQ Chocolate Digest Biscuits, Frontier Chocolate Cream Centerfilled and Passion Frugurt Yogurt Style Snack.

He added that 775 product samples had been taken while 2,719 items were taken off the shelves.

On reports which appeared on the Health News and Earthtimes.org websites on Sept 26 that Pizza Hut Taiwan had found melamine at 70ppm in cheese packet made out of creamer and cheese powder, he said tests had found it to be free from the chemical.

The creamer for the cheese packet is supplied by a Malaysian company and it is also used to make products such as three-in-one instant coffee and cereal while the cheese powder is imported from New Zealand.

He said the ministry was also investigating the biscuit factories which were mentioned in media reports that Vietnam had found melamine in their products.

To expedite sample testing, the Chemistry Department, the National Public Health Laboratory, Universiti Malaya and the Doping Control Centre in Universiti Sains Malaysia have been roped in to help out.

Liow said that he hoped to have laboratories in Ipoh, Johor Baru and Kota Kinabalu to conduct testing.

He also said that the ministry would continue with its Level Four alert on fruits and vegetables from China.

Under Level Four, the products are allowed into the market but will be tested and rejected if they are found to contain melamine.

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Die labbitxx die! No more candy for you!

What happen to those who have consumed lots of the Rabbit candy? Do they have to go for medical check-up? :roll: :roll:
It was my favourite during my childhood… used to “curi-curi” this candy and hide it inside my pocket at my dad’s shop when I was young… :wink:

rabbitx is evil.

It used to be my fav. candy too :frowning:

me too, i used to love this Rabbitx candy :slight_smile:

white rabbit is never a good thing, especial those standing by the road side sometime :mrgreen:

Hmmm… we are waiting for our MCNet Rabbix to hop out and defend his rabbit candy… what he have to say here… hahaha :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

bbq tha rabbitx

I thought this was reported few weeks ago…
zI saw it on Miri Daily news on the first page when I was back there?

we should aware the gf to beware from now on :mrgreen:

pei, the latest news is confirmed by health minister of malaysia.
this white rabbit sample was taken in msia
last week white rabbit (not in msia) was confirmed to contain melamine.

owh goodness our favourite time candy huhu!! How bout those vegetables and fruits from China then … I just wonder why does China manufacture with this kind of melamine inside our food… that’s weird … was it just want to make it more delicious or the cheapest to supply a material a.k.a jimat kos hahaa!!

My favorite candy is tainted! So sad!

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) ingin memaklumkan
maklumat terbaru berhubung dengan pencemaran melamine di
dalam produk makanan.
Sehingga hari ini, 780 produk makanan bernilai RM 769,424.90 telah
disita di pasaran tempatan di seluruh negara.
Pada hari ini, keputusan analisis bagi empat belas (14) lagi sampel
produk makanan telah diperolehi dan semuanya mematuhi standard
bagi melamine seperti di Lampiran 1. Vigour 888 Filling Roll
(Sergestid Shrimp Flavour) yang dianalisa didapati melebihi standard
bagi melamine iaitu 4.71 bahagian setiap juta (parts per million -
ppm). KKM telah mengenalpasti produk dan syarikat terbabit dan
telah mengeluarkan arahan kepada Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri untuk
memusnahkan produk berkenaan. Syarikat tersebut juga telah
diarahkan untuk menarik balik produk tersebut dari pasaran.
Sekiranya pengguna masih ragu-ragu, bolehlah menghubungi
Bahagian Keselamatan dan Kualiti Makanan di empat (4) talian iaitu
03-88833655/88833503/88833652/ 88833500. Talian ini dibuka dari
jam 8.00 pagi hingga 9.00 malam termasuk cuti umum. Pengguna
boleh mendapatkan maklumat yang dikemaskini di dalam laman web

Lampiran 1
Senarai B : Keputusan Terbaru Produk Makanan Yang Dianalisa
dan didapati Mematuhi Standard Bagi Melamine

  1. Minis Milk Chocolate (M&Ms)
  2. Peanut Chocolate (M&Ms)
  3. Leisure Seaweed Biscuits (Golden Fuji Food)
  4. Rice Crackers (Want Want)
  5. Chicken Flavour Cracker (Golden Fuji)
  6. Burnedmeat Flavour Biscuit [Cui Mei Si (Golden Fuji)]
  7. Baby Bites Chicken With Vegetable Taste (Baby Bites)
  8. Chocolate Cream Biscuits (Sanwa)
  9. Milk Chewy Candy (Want Want)
  10. Seaweed Wheet Biscuits (Four Seas)
  11. Rice Crisps BBQ (Daysun)
  12. Rice Crisps Original (Daysun)
  13. Rice Crisps Sour Cream & Onion (Daysun)
  14. Gula Udang (KIKI)
    Nota : Senarai produk yang telah dianalisa sebelum ini boleh
    dirujuk melalui laman web BKKM.

[quote=“haroldz”]pei, the latest news is confirmed by health minister of malaysia.
this white rabbit sample was taken in msia
last week white rabbit (not in msia) was confirmed to contain melamine.[/quote]

thanks a lot haroldz…

ya… mine too bye rabbit :cry: :cry: