Which shop still has printing negative film service?

I know it’s already in the DIGITAL era but it’s OLD-SCHOOL. So which shop that still has negative film printing service and kinda good quality?? Please advise.

Thank you :smiley:

and also,how to get it in the digital form? From negative to jpeg or similar format? anybody?

also, i wan to know which shop sell medium format films, 12 in rolls. i got a medium format camera, but no films :frowning:

You should learn how to chemically process films on your own. Sooner or later I think the lack of demand might cause the price to process negatives and printing it to go up.

semua ada…

I think there’s some photo printers from HP that can print negative films. It’s the G series Scanner. http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/my/en/ho … toScanners

But the price is pretty.

But then which shop offers the best quality of printing and how much does it costs?

The photo processing lot in Ng Sian Hap (Pottery), Piasau, do process negative film and also in Black & White but their charges are steep.

Hmm…my friend said there’s a few in Imperial…Is that true?