Which shop is the best and trusted?

Hey guys, i’m planning to order my pc hardwares from lowyat . My problem is that I don’t know which shop I want to order from.
And I’m hoping that McNet members had ordered pc hardwares from these shops.
There’s 5 shops. PC Zone, Compuzone, Viewnet, Startec, and Jayacom.
Tell me which one is better? I hope you guys can answer.

You dont need to order your parts from lowyat… Its very troublesome especially when you RMA it… There is a great pc hardware shop in Miri… It is called Stratos Enterprise… His price is the cheapest among the other shop in Miri… Since we live in east Malaysia, things in here will be little bit expensive than lowyat but it make no difference anyway when you order from lowyat due to delivery fees… Plus he offer fully warranty period unlike other shop in Miri… They only able to provide 1 year warranty -_- ! …

Thanks for the response NukeWar123. Erm I heard about the shop and actually went to Stratos Enterprise once. I’m considering ordering my parts from that shop. Yeah, things here are a lil bit expensive.

Have you ordered parts from lowyat before?

i can agree with you that buying from lowyat is cheaper. it mostly going to be more cheaper if you directly buy and ruding the price with them there, but the bad thing about this is that, in case there is something wrong with the product you buy, how are you going to claim for warranty? or you going to fly out to kl there just to warranty your purchase? b4 this i get most of my thing from lowyat but after careful thinking i think i still get those part locally better although the price is a bit more expensive than lowyat, but it worth buying a ticket and go back to lowyat to claim for warranty. BTW sabah computer hardware something can be same price as KL there as sabah got direct flight service to taiwan or so. plus another thing which i think most ppl dun know is that, sometime or most of the time, the item sell at lowyat is not that really original, since the competitor there is high including the rental, some of the component in those hardware are not original. some of those company assemble them part themselves just to save cost so that they can sell the item cheaper.

Thanks for your response lcsiong. I have to agree with you too dude about the warranty and if there is faulty in the products. Imagine my products got something wrong -.- troublesome. I guess I will take nukewar123 solution. I’ll go to Stratos Enterprice to buy my items. I feel insecure about ordering pc hardwares from lowyat and hell no I’m buying tickets to fly to KL just to fix my damn pc. =.= Hahah.

Anyway guys, thanks for your responses and advices. Much appreciated.

where is Stratos Enterprise, thank you

nataliehoho, Do you know the road going to Eastwood? Stratos Enterprise located on the right side of the road going to Eastwood from seberkas. by-pass road , jln kerbau ?? forgot ody hahah. Hope this info is helpful to you. :slight_smile:

Moses - Lowyatt nowadays is more of a tourist place. Their price have gone up a bit. There is another older place and it’s called imbi plaza, it is beside Sungai Wang Plaza Along Jalan Imbi. I think that’s a cheaper place for shopping computer stuffs. But like others said, if not going to KL then better buy here.

Stratos located opposite to merbau furniture. :slight_smile: part pc-shop, part kedai jual kereta.

Yeah, I’ve decided to buy pc parts locally. Much easier and much secure. Thanks for the advice lasting99. :slight_smile:

I recommended StratOS Enterprice too. I brought my rig from him. Please see link below


[quote=“rabbitx”]I recommended StratOS Enterprice too. I brought my rig from him. Please see link below

http://www.miricommunity.net/viewtopic. … os#p394825[/quote]

Damn nice rig you got there!!! Wow :shock: :shock: !! Well thanks for the advice rabbitx! I’ve decided to choose Stratos. Even my friends recommended me to go there.

Yeah nice place to shop and really a nice guy…bought most of my stuff there.

PC fair coming soon… try to find in there?

Stratos is the best in East Malaysia

No comparison!

I too would recommend stratos anytime!! I find that outlet is awesome and actually a good thing for PC enthusiasts here in Miri. He reminds me of my old friend in KL, Moderno.