Which restaurant serve kachangma?

Any local know which restaurant in Miri serve Kachiangma chicken?

P/s: i just wanna know where i can eat in a restaurant, and yes i know HOW to prepare it.

the female members of my family loves the one at Sun City, there’s quite a few around Miri, again it’s down to individual taste.

Can u list down any of the shop name/location in specific?

I have seen a quite many economy rice restaurants and stalls that serves kacama. But noting beats a home cooked ones(sorry my taste buds). But if you are going for effectiveness of kacama. Try juicing it out from the fresh leaves uncooked. I was amazed how a burnt skin dries up so fast without medication.
Agree with Iarthui, individual taste. Mine substitute water with alcohol with no added to very little salt.

Kacangma is also a special dish of Sarawak. They don’t have kacangma in West Malaysia or Singapore.

so yummy

That’s new to me, thanks

buy the kacangma leaves. dry fry it and crush it using mortar and pastle. put some oil in the pan, let it

hot a bit and throw in parts of chicken of your choice, put in the crushed kacangma leaves and ginger.

put in some salt. kasi masak skijap and put in a bowl, big or small tengok brapa banyak chicken you cooked.

steam it until masak. when oredi masak, pour in arak puteh or better still arak langkau. ikut sedap rasa maaa…

want more heat, put in more ginger. more heng effect, more arak puteh…make own is more kaw punya lah

i say yall…peerrggghhh…

oh…lupa la pulak…put in some sesame oil when steaming the kacangma…

If not mistaken, Mummy’s dishes beside ANakku there they serve kacangma

food stop at Merdeka Mall & at pelita