Which model of 3g phone is

does anyone know about 3g phone

was thinking of getting one 3g phone…

HTC diamond is my fav, but very expensive, in term of video call abit lagg, the rest of the function shld be good performance. very nice phone. run window version. i like the design and features.

i know… but a bit price… if you want maybe i can get it slightly cheaper…

how cheap you can get… still in 2k price even after u get cheap or 1899. i frequent use video call, that phone video call not in good performance la… but if can very cheap i might consider to hv one…tht phone a bit pricey so my hubby say not necessary to buy so expensive phone.

wan 3g wan cheap… hmmmmmmmmm

try nokia N73 or N70 :slight_smile:

eh, not humiliating me eh… im nt the one looking for 3G phone ah… just suggesting it. dun humiliate me ah… :wink:

so many 3g phones out there, if loiter around at phone shops sure u’ll think of something u like.

i’m not saying u laaa… so sensitive meh…

of course im not sensitive… just remind u dun humiliate me. hehehehhehe :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

now got many new wan la… n78, n95, n95 8gb, n82, n79, n85, 5800 XM…

se g705 nice?

for those poeple really crazy for iPhone, please do not get cheap iphone, unless u’re really expert on this. FYI, s’pore and HK Set it’s a best choice with 1 year warranty some more. does any on know where can get those iphone from ? i heard from my fren said, he got 1 from s’pore. it’s really great. it’s genuine unlocked set, and he could upload most of pay or free application… it’s his fav, he crazy for it sometime liao… haha… he did do support n service for iphone as well. i saw way he play on it, really confusing me. oh ya, he show me the GPS… the direction from maps… he bought the leather case from s’pore, really nice it’s brand of radius. for anyone who interested, i could assist.

Cheap iPhone?=CHINA! Cheap Nokia?=Cheap China! AND They are proud of it!.. lol…

am getting E71

Not recommended… just sold mine.

Not recommended… just sold mine.[/quote]

got your iPhone oredi? :mrgreen:

vertigo, have to upgrade your firmware ? 2.2.1 ? any issue ?