Which leader for pm?

Dear All,

which do you think suitable for or next dear PM ? I guess I still preferer caring and gentle one compare to the next MHT style of manage. Do you like Army style ? As for me i think no doubt many unstable situation but I find more democratic compares to our dear old MHT. I think NJ is dangerous just like MHT who like to do miracle and ISA anyone.

Please comment on this hot topic.

Can I suggest another suitable candidate? I want to vote for SH…

Whoo is that ? Please clarify ? Please spell full name

You mean Stupidhead??? Hahaha…


You are such a prick !!!


You are such a prick !!![/quote]

:shock: … oh… ok… I see there is no room for suggestion and I guess I’m not polite enough in asking either… sorry ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

If given only this two, I would prefer Badawi… but would prefer him to change his style of leadership to become a charismatic and respectable leader not his current soft leadership approach…
Najib is rather opposite… he has the charisma and quite respectable but don’t ask me why, I just don’t like him… cunning, dangerous and evil :evil: :evil:

I don’t have to like them both, cuz they both don’t sign my monthly checks …

man…can that NJ guy just quit playing ISA like play hide and seek…

[quote=“456knD.Angel”]man…can that NJ guy just quit playing ISA like play hide and seek…

ISA would always be around dude,hell even if Anwar were to be PM, most probably he’ll use ISA on UMNO people…lol:lol:

Between the lameduck and the C4 guy, I will go for the lameduck, else you will see in papers C4 here and C4 there. Not the kind of Malaysia I want to stay in. Best if I can live without both. :mrgreen: