Which hotel wedding banqueting is best in miri?

May i know which hotel wedding banqueting is best in miri for which the food taste good n delicious?

  1. Grand palace
  2. Boulevard Restaurant
  3. Park Hotel
  4. Imperial Hotel
  5. Imperial palace Hotel
  6. Dynasty Hotel

please choose and give comment please. thanks

Dynasty Hotel^^

but seldom ppl held at dynasty lol…why?

Hmmmm Depends On Many Aspects,etc Price,Can Hold How Many Table Etc,Benefits and so On.

Don’t forget:
Mega Hotel
and soon Meritz…

yes so which one to choose from? any suggestions and recommendation?

I’d choose Mega Hotel, for the generous size of the ballroom - although last time I did my wedding reception at Imperial Hotel. :slight_smile:

any more recommendations?

u may try imperial palace…just held my wedding reception there last month…nice service. but it may oli arrange a max of 40 tables.

Old generation hotel like Gloria Hotel and Park Hotel serve good quality and tasty foods but they cannot fit too many people. The largest ballroom in Miri is Meritz hotel with 150 tables maximum and their food’s quality has yet to be known.
Mega Hotel have more consistency in their food quality.
Both Imperial Hotel and Imperial Palace Hotel were so-so. Balanced.

So far. Everything depends on the guests themself. Different opinion from different people.

They can only do their best but they cannot satisfy each and everyone.

One thing to consider is the size of your event as some places might not be able to cater too many tables. Meritz will have the biggest ballroom but I believe that won’t be ready till October and as a previous poster said, the food quality and service is still to be determined. Other than that, I really can’t comment as it would be of a biased opinion…lol.

I thinKing of grand palace hotel. Any comments?

How about the price???

ya, how about prices?

Price per table is Rm668. any comments ormore recommendation ?

any more recommendation or comments please

imperial hotel is more consistent in their food n service…

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