Which Digital Camera is good?


I’m planning to get a digital camera just that I’m not sure which good between this 3 brands Sony, Canon & Panasonic? There’s so many model & I can’t make up my mind which to choose.

Ideas are kindly appreciated.

Depends on what you want to do with it…

first thing first, your budget?

unless u r taib mahmud’s son, I’d recommend u to go for Leica M9.


Budget would be RM1,500. If I’m rich, would not ask for any suggestion. Tq…

Would prefer light & not bulky one, easy for travelling.

Sony Cybershot TX100v: any idea anyone how good is this?

tumpang thread…paiseh… im seeking for advice too…any point n shoot cam that is good for taking scenery/night shots? budget will be RM1.5k as well… currently aiming Panasonic LX5 n Canon S95…anymore choices? thanks

i supposed the best compact P&S camera as for now should be the canon s95 or nikon p300 - for both, i’d personally go for the p300.

LX5 is good, but it will quite a hassle having a lens cover.

x100… geggeg