Which country do u like to go? why

which country do u like to go??? why :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

i like to go Japan so i can grab all JDM stuff and bippu stuff there… muahahaha

me too… i also want to go japan… go entertain japanese girls… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Geneva, Switzerland

nihon :slight_smile:

u ask y??

its because


north korea

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I am same with this guy. It’s such an mysterious place to visit. Hehehe…

Looking for one day… one day…

every country which i havent been there… so work hard & save more… hope that my dream can come truth… :smiley:

lol, in dprk (n.korea) u arent allow to go anywhere as u please, there must be a guide to watch over u wherever u go, as if ur some sort of prisoner. also if u travel there u must bow and present flowers to the statue of kim il sung (the weirdo’s dad), regardless of how foreigner u r. even flowers are named after kim jong il & kim il sung. its a turn-off.

Of course I know that. It’s weird, but still wanna go. Hehehe… even though a bit stripped of freedom la…

i wan go to the land of the beautiful woman…hehehehe…still need to ask why?

i like go to europe…Netherland,France,Belgium…just nice…

i would like to stay in Monaco…bcoz its a tax free heaven

coolman says china mei mei da best!

and not forgetting…Japan…want to see nissan silvia…My dream car…

japan & korea

nice and cold country:)

at least hv 4 seasons…

i agree with ya jennessee san