Which countries citizens are the most patriotic?

Do you like your country? Are you proud of it? Do you feel it worth to sacrifice for? or are there something about your country that make you ashamed and rather be the citizen of other nations?

Patriotism or the love for the nation is not about attending some national day parade. It is not about raising national flag at your house gate or waving it in public. It is not about singing the national anthem loudly or putting up some nationalistic drama. Patriotism comes from true heart.

Forbes conducted a research and measured the patriotic level for global nations. Patriotism is the willingness to abandon your interests for the general wellness of the country. Patriotism is the unshakable determination to change the country when you know it moves to the wrong direction, even at cost of dire consequences. Patriotism is the true love for the country and real desires to see it progresses, even if it compromises your well-being.

So, which countries citizens are found to be the most patriotic? Who love their country most and are most likely to give in all of themselves for the state? To whom you would likely get a rude response if you bad-mouth their country?

1. The United States of America

2. Venezuela

3. Australia

4. Israel

5. South Africa

  1. Canada
  2. Philippines
  3. Austria
  4. Chile
  5. New Zealand



people in msia more loyal to their ethnic groups and sg more loyal to $$$? :lol:


MSIA - kiasi
SG - kiasu

We are loyal to these~~~ :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Yup i agree~!!!