Which bank or brokerage do you use?

Most of us are heavily engaged with banking services, especially consumer finance (savings, debit/credit card, ATM, miscellaneous loans, mortgage and refinance) Some of us invest in securities (stocks, bonds, options, debentures, mutual fund, futures or other derivatives) and forex in attempt to grow more money, hence most likely to have a brokerage house who hold those investments for us.

This thread performs a survey on which banks or brokerage you are using. Just the name, no need account details or anything personals :lol:

For me, they are;

Chase Bank, a part of JP Morgan Chase


and investment brokerage is:

TD Ameritrade

I am using HongLeong Broking. :slight_smile:
So far it is quite good. Only problem is that it sometimes will have problem of platform maintenance.

hi mevotex. :slight_smile:
Can I ask how can we buy shares internationally?
I’m new to stock investing but quite interested to buy shares from the other parts of world, not from bursa.

internationally? can’t say for others, but if you want to buy US stocks, all you need is an online US brokerage account, etrade, scottrade, mbtrading, etc come to mind, they do accept international customers. likewise u will need some european brokerage to buy european shares.

thanks for ur prompt reply :idea:
how bout singapore exchange and china shares? is it possible to do it all in one platform?

we did offer foreign trading, us, hk & singapore trade online, all in one account.
do pm me if want to knw more details.

I am using Oanda. Oanda.com