Which antivirus you prefers the most?

just wanna noe :roll:

http://eutechnoware.blogspot.com/p/best … guide.html

I use Avira.

Erm sry, coz i aciddently added 2 avast XD

I using Malwarebyte Anti Malware Free Edition and scan my system once a week… I dont like to install real-time protection AV because full of false alarm and slightly slowing down my system…

NOD32! small size…easy to crack (LOL!)

i use Norton&Kaspersky for my netbook&laptop.So far so good:)

LoL… This is not a good reason to leave out a real-time AV… Use Avast! 5 Free then… Most of the cracks(source of ur false positive) won’t be detected…

Make sure you have Windows Firewall and Defender turned on then.

kaspersky all the way… been using for years…

never fails me…

Any1 use MSE?
microsoft security essentials?

Kaspersky die hard fans here too…thats the only genuine software i use.lol

Here have some sample video between different of Avira Vs Kaspersky very interesting

http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q … ersky&aq=1

[quote=“jordannoel”]Any1 use MSE?
microsoft security essentials?[/quote]

me! very light n not annoying at all :smiley: free summore

so far i havent got a problem with it. but then my windows is juz a virtual machine lah

Eset 32 for me…

Avira suits me best. And CCleaner isn’t an antivirus.

kaspersky all the way. Don’t mind paying for it :smiley: