Where to stay in Mukah?

Hi guys, any idea where to stay in Mukah Town as im going for the 1st time with my kids. Safety comes 1st of cause, especially car. Hmm…not to glomorius or expensive place, budget maybe less than RM100 a nite, easy access to town & most of all clean. Planning to stay 2 nites there. Please advice.

If you want safety and nice then you gonna have to come out with more money, like 200+ per night! Google the Kingwood Resort mukah and book online might be cheaper.

Kingwood Hotel in downtown Mukah (new town side) will be nice as well. It’s not that expensive lar, just over 100 bucks per night

Thks guys, appreciate the info. Will check it out…

surely kingwood hotel,dunno samada still avail or not lah…kaul festival is around the corner