Where to purchase Bird Nest?

Could someone please advise me where could we purchase good quality bird nest in Miri? And also roughly how much does it cost for every 100grams or whatsoever?

I’m not sure about the price, but there a few areas:

  1. Right in town, behind the Open Air Market, next to Soo Chew Studio.

  2. At the airport, 2nd floor (last time I looked there was long ago).

  3. Inside ground floor as a herb-selling store at Imperial mall and Boulevard Mall.

anyone else know where and what type of bird nest is good? how much is the price for a 100gram?

Ehehehe…I don knw coz i don eat ‘saliva’:smiley:

There is this store “Bong Bird Nest” (in Chinese = Wang Yan) which is behind the “Street of Elderly”
For good quality, go for Blood Bird Nest (xue3 yan4)

hahaha… r u sure?? :lol: :lol:

but could someone who knows the ranging of the price of the different type PM me… or post it out here…

psstttt…wat i wanna say ws i don eat bird saliva so i don knw d price lor… :oops:

hide my face in a paper bag

May be can try with Ching Tai Bird’s nest which they owned a processing plant in Domestic of miri area. And they able to supply in custom made of shape of Bird nest. And raw material supply from domestic of Sarawak. i have seen they have many bird nest types and owning a bird nest cave domestically.

Are you from Miri???

this stuff is everywhere around here

Didn’t realised that bird nest comes in different shape… :roll: :roll:
You mean they need a processing plant to process the raw bird nest? Or processed the ready-to-drink bird nest in bottle?
You mentioned that Ching Tai own a cave??? Where? Niah cave??? :shock: :shock: :shock:

As the processing plant is a Place which they publish for processing the Raw bird nest, as they differentiate the bird nest grade on the size and speasis,as i have seen the shape of their custom made bird nest, which in variesties of shapes. You can request for many features of bird nest. Furthermore they have many sources which harvested in domestic of sarawak, their grandparents are borned from the Ulu area which harvested Bird nest…I’m not sure very well, as i have seen many celebrities went to their branch for purchasing bird nest…

i know my uncle got rear birds to make birds nest but dunno if he is selling or not… maybe he just keep for himself. buy Grade A la…

yup!gud suggestion!recomended to all

Visit TECHKIE HOUSE. :mrgreen:

Click here for details.

There is new website for Bird Nest Shop in Miri

Can try out their service

Got Birdnest Ginseng also

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