Where to get low price of brown rice in Miri?

Brown rice in Tamu Muhibbah is too much expensive. I get RM28 per pack with 3.5 kg, that means is RM8 per kilo. Don’t you think it is too much?! The keladi type is RM30 per pack. Anyone can recommend me to get from the origin iban?

Usually my mum buy there…but u can go and survey other place…eg:emart,pujut,miri thr also few tamu.you go tomorrow la,sunday market…maybe you can found cheaper…

I think all place same price coz they get it from same distributor.i happen to buy quite sometime also.until u know the aunty at tamu there well,than she give u an discount.have to always buy from the same person lor.

nowadays is totally different with previous day…after discount also get RM28 which still consider too expensive. just now my mother-in-law told me that she bought from a supermarket count with kilo, it is RM5.80 per kilo…you see so much different price as i say RM8 per kilo somemore the weight is not accurate. Anyway, i still bought because I want to take further action and voice out to the relevant authority in miri. I somehow strongly advise you do not buy brown rice from Tamu Muhibbah, they "potong leher’ to me although I am local OK!

Why don’t you go try ecobrown brown rice which is in vaccuum pack?1kg rm5 which 5kg is rm25…before you buy must make sure it is Vaccuum packing