Where to get a bargain Blackberry 8310 battery?

Looking for a good bargain Blackberry 8310 battery in Miri? Any info would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!! :wink:

haiyo blackberry ah?bttr go to the phone shop whre u get the fon,n change/ order it from blackberry itself.else u will damage ur own phone…btw,what model of blackbery r u using?

Model is 8310, bought from Celcom but they r selling for 200+ lei… They r like daylight robber.

How many you want?

10 diff price.
100 diff price.

1 is the price celcom gave you.

p/s: Pls, no hard feeling.

1 only la… Personal use only ba, not for business… Ur price please…

hmmm maybe u can try go to maxis centre ask,who knws they do knw how to get the cheapest one…or u cango to phone shop…is it still under warranty?

i think u buy it online and the price might be more reasonable

Guys & Gals, thanks for the input…

welcome =)