Where to find Sensonic DIY CCTV?

This one looks nice for home security. Anyone know which computer shop in Miri selling it?

Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) is one of the most common ways to beef up your home security. However, many have been deterred by the complexity of its installation and initial cost of ownership. If you are one of them, Sensonic might have something that might be able to fix just that.

Available in two type of kit VM400 for indoor and VM500 for outdoor, installing them is as easy as your ordinary webcam. Just plug the wireless receiver into your Windows PCs (sorry, Mac OS and Linux users!) USB port, install all the bundled software and off you go.

Dont be fooled by its simplicity though, the Sensonic Wireless Digital CCTV is really a fully fledged monitoring system. What else does the Sensonics wireless CCTV kits got over other CCTV systems? Jump in to find out.

Sensonic Wireless Digital CCTV utilizes an encrypted 2.4GHz wireless network between its cameras and wireless USB receiver, which are much more secured compared to a normal Wi-Fi based system. To further strengthen the system against hacking, the receiver can only be paired exclusively to Sensonic cameras and is able to support up to four cameras at one time. Through the bundled software, the system is able to record both video and audio which can be played back when the need arises.

Another important function that Sensonic has packed into their wireless CCTV kits is the ability to view the cameras feed remotely; either through Internet, Skype or mobile devices such PDAs and smartphones. The cameras can also be set to be activated by motion and an alert will be sent to your email whenever it occurs to make sure that you are aware of any unexpected movement in your establishment.

Each kit comes with a camera, USB receiver, power adaptor, CCTV software installer and a wall-mount bracket. The indoor kit comes with an extra magnetic desktop stand, in case you want to use them as a webcam which is one of the kits listed functions. Seriously, we are not kidding there.

Sensonic Wireless Digital CCTV kits are currently retailing for RM 599 for the VM400 model and RM 699 for VM500. For further information about each kit, point your browser to Sensonics official website (http://www.sensonic-global.com).

This is nice…but dont know got or not…

Anyone know which computer shop in Miri selling it?

You can purchase online at:

  1. Wireless Indoor CCTV Starter Pack VM400, or,

  2. Wireless Outdoor CCTV Starter Pack VM500

Each set comes with one camera, either indoor or outdoor depending on which starter pack you choose, one USB wireless dongle receiver, and the CCTV software.

The receiver supports up to 4 cameras, and you can have a mix of both indoor and outdoor cameras.

Additional cameras can be purchased separately.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.