Where to file a complaint on NOISY neighbor?

Hi Mirians,

I’ve been hearing shouting after shouting from my next door neighbor, it has been going on for a long time.
FYI: I’ve stayed in KL for my studies for a few years and my grandpa was alone at home enduring the noise from them for years.
This neighbor is a wife and she has 2 children. From time to time she scolds them till the top of her lungs and their father sometimes shouts too but he is mostly at work. Thus her children sometimes shouts too after learning from their mother. Mind you, our houses are connected wall to wall, imagine how disturbing it is to the neighbors around their house. I’ve gotten really sick of it and especially my grandpa who is old. He don’t deserve to endure this. I am wondering if there are any authorities that I can contact to complain on this matter? I really hope for them to move out honestly.

Make an anonymous call to the polis peronda at 085-433730 to pay them a visit. Say something about being a concerned neighbor after hearing shouts and screams in their house and worried that something bad might happen to the safety of their family (or their kids if you think their well-being is at risk). If the peronda makes their visit quite often, they will get the message.

Thank you so much, I’ll discuss on this matter with my grandfather and see how it goes.

make sure you record their uncomfortable noise as evident. police will give an excuse if they don’t personally hear it.

my friend’s car got accident at brighton road, a car did an illegal U-Turn at the SMK Chung Hua back to miri town (at the junction to Park City Everly Hotel).

She was trying to avoid for knocking the said car. she skidded and knocked the side iron barrier. front bonnet/bumper/radiator/engine cracked and some other parts nearby as well. Insurance not enough to cover, insurance approved RM2K+, she has to pay additional RM8K+. Her car 8 years old.

she made a police report, the police said “kalau bukan pegawai polis yang ternampak kesalahan tersebut, kes ini tidak sah untuk pihak polis mengambil tindakan terhadap drebar kenderaan yang kamu laporkan”.

Mind to tell where is this place?