Where to experience car racing?

hey all, i have a thought of wanting to experience a car racing suddenly… do u know where can i have it in malaysia?

i also dunno where my friend had it… he got it for rm300, 2 hours… but it seems a good experience for him la…
keep seeing him sharing how fun was the race… and one thing i concern the most is about they have instructor to guide u along the race… which is really safe la…

i heard sepang have it

Hey…are you serious? Racing at circuit so dangerous and you really spend alot for this…RM300 is quite expensive…just play game console can already la…safe and cheap!

Sepang has it, if not mistaken RM1700 to drive a Lotus Elise though Im not sure how many laps it is.

Indeed play game really very different with real time experience la my friend. But not to said play game not good…now Michelin create a competetion for online game lover to get a chance to win trip to sepang circuit to experience the REAL RACING~ but only top 5 with best lap time la…you can make it with 20 participant across Asia…

so difficult to win lo if only Top 5 can get the chance…I sure no chance…anyway wish you all the best!