Where to Convert Front Wheel Drive to Rear Wheel Drive?

Alrite~ Who wanna Start?

watch out when opening this kind of thread. we might have some JPJ enforcers in here. :mrgreen:

what kind of car?

Proton Waja… Lols… Just wanna know where they do it, maybe can try try~

you are out of your mind bro… is that your family car? or for weekend purpose?

i can introduce if you are really into it, not for asking purposes only.

photo stolen from speedhunters

just sharing some informations,

you need to:

  • remove the whole center floor and replace with a bigger tunnel for your long shaft mounting. you might lose your car’s rigidity due to frame removal.

  • modify all your rear link suspension to mount the rear axle, IRS or solid axle. in worst case you might lose your car balancing during high speed.

  • knock and cut your firewall to let the bell housing get into the place.

  • remodify your upper/lower arms mounting as you dont have any more shaft driving it.

dare to be different??!! :twisted:

Hahaha, Family Car >.< I think better not to change larh, since you already said maybe got JPJ in this Site =X Somemore, it’s gonna be Damn expensive rite?
But I only wanna know how and where so that next time If I got my own car, I can convert and play~ xDD

fyi, the above car is fully track purpose only. driven by prince of drift mr tengku djan. he’s got all roll cage inside, floorpan using nissan silvia variants, powered by supadupa SR-20DET. in short, it’s nissan’s base with waja shell. btw i dont think rm10k is enough for you to complete this conversion.

btw, pm sent.

I know about Tengku Djan~ lols… He was doing this during the Bridgestone Formula Drift rite?

not sure… too many events already… :lol:

Hahaha, Well, I love Tengku Djan’s Skills,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnuQ7J3f … re=related
One of his Vids~

ya he’s good indeed. even keiichi salutes his skill.

Yeah… Unstoppable~

you sounded like a train movie. :lol:

Train Move? lols!! u mean the runaway train movie??

kind of… :lol:

what about honda?

any idea about ATV?

then how about forklift? :mrgreen:

Hahah, Imagine, a drifting forklift >.< That’s awesome