Where to buy parking coupon

hallo there,

its been a while since i need to buy parking coupon, since yesterday i need to park in city, and i just realize i am out of parking coupon… i try to find outlet that sell any but hrdly cant find one… i even need to ask ppl but they also dunno where to buy… aiyo… at last i have to ask for a lovely lady in front of bsn, to that lady… tQVM… but the main point is… where to buy one… eventho i doubt ill be needin it much

You can definitely buy the coupon from all the parking attendant “pondok”, the nearest pondok from BSN is the one behind Maybank i.e. in between Wisma Interhill and Sarawak Plantation building.
Some shops got sell the coupon if they got display the parking coupon banner outside the shop.
Just stand-by one booklet inside your car, u don’t know when you might need it, anyway can use it for about 3-4 years.

Yeah, it is an indication that they are selling coupons. There are also coupon codes to get discounts in buying parking coupon. That was really great and I am totally agree to use coupons. There is no much difficulties in getting coupons.