Where to buy HTC desire screen protector?

Just spoiled mine tat come along with my cover, bought in parkson, the 1 they have is very expensive

HTC desire use AMOLED screen…will not scratched so easily…

im using desire with no screen protector… so far so good

i only saw in parkson but u dont have to worry too much it wont get scratch that easily my son bite mine a few times and its still good no scratch or crack in the front, back side isnt though… :lol:

does AMOLED have anything to do with the glass on the screen? i thought it was just the display…

anywaysssss… i recommend getting an invisibleSHIELD for yer desire.

why? cause its whut i do. :3 keep em shiny boys.

keep em shiny.

EDIT: oh and sorry, have been away from miri for a year. so i cant tell you where to find such things D: oh the shame of a useless post… sorry mang.