Where to buy cheap mirror in Miri?

Hi guys, i want to buy a mirror with the dimension of which I can see myself from head to toe.

In Sibu, there is a shop which specializes in framing photos and it sells framed mirror too. Is there a shop which offers the similar service in Miri?

In need of a mirror like this, even better if can get one which can stand on floor.

There is a store selling customized mirror at Piasau industrial.

can give me the shop name or even better the gps location of the shop?

It was quite a while ago since I last saw the store. Maybe you can drive around the area and try ask the people there. Good luck.

this one? http://www.miribiz.com/directory/frame_aluminum_glass_makers_0 tqvm anyway

Apparently one of the addresses appeared at Piasau Industrial area could probably be the one I meant. So go check it out! :relaxed:

Hi ~ there is a framing shop behind Imperial Palace Hotel called Astana. You can go and check out if they custom-made mirror. The owner is very friendly and helpful.