Where to buy acrylic glass in Miri?

A friend is looking acrylic glass for some project. It is sort of a glass that is made out of plastic. Can be drill for screw hole.

If anyone know where to get one (around 100cm x 20cm diameter with 3~4mm thickness) please recommend shop that have such item.

i’m assuming u need it for building a desktop case?

i got mine from a framing shop at boulevard area , but it closed down already .

try to find it at those shops selling glass / doing framing for photos :slight_smile:

its very commonly used to frame photos for child’s safety

transparent acrylic sheet you say? odrered some months back.

nantik tanya our storekeeper where we ordered it and post it here

mun aku ingat singgah sitok. oh, as far as i know, the supplier only

supplies 4X6 sheet size.

Theres one signboard and sticker shop along the road towards krokop cemetry. It will be on your left (from city to krokop), next to the a colorful makan stall, before shell station. Bought mine there last time.

how about those black car plate material? is that acrylic material as well? cheap or expensive? thx…

Mo Huat and SKS shop piasau utara got sell those sheet…

Thanks for feedback.

Yours is for pc case?
how much was it?