Where is the cheapest car paint in miri?

hi there, where is the cheaper paint with good quality and exact match colour in miri?

Bare in mind. Cheap mean price cheap. If good quality & exact match colour will become expensive. Now U want cheap or good quality? Cheap same like quality of goods that U but at 20 cnts store. Wat car u want to paint & wat colour?

agree with orlando … sometimes, u hafta, i mean, must pay more for gud result … cheap paint job might only last u a year, or worst, few months :slight_smile:

I got a friend can give u good colour & cheap price but the skill may b only 95% compare to other.

er silver colour. i think go for good quality. if compare to brunei and miri which place cheaper to buy?

dude, i still dun reli get whut u wan … u want a paint job or paint material only ? >.<

He want paint only without any paint job I think.

opps, is paint material only, hehe