Where is the best Spa or massage in Miri?

Hi all…I’m new in here, just transferred last two months.
I’ve been looking for the best Massage Services in Miri. I prefer traditional massage…can anyone suggest one please?

Hi ladyofleisure, welcome to Miri and Mcnet too…

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Thai massage ! i tried already… thumbs up ! behind miri city food court near krokop 10 roundabout. not too expensive, but the style they do is thai style. i tried in singapore already and now they in miri… another branch is at permy. same comepany.

beside thai massage i go, i go opi de beauty too. a nice and soothing place to relax for massage. but this beauty centre only serves ladies, no guys…

at the moment, these two i can suggest. the rest just ok only…

before i forgot, welcome to miri and miricommunity net.

Hi Smalalee and applebee…thank you for the reply.
I’ll try to check out the suggested place later…
Really thanks y’all ya…cheers…

no problem…

Applebee/smallee, I’ve come across to this site http://www.tjantekspamiri.com/
Seem like it offer promising services :stuck_out_tongue: …is anyone here tried this spa? let me know if its as good as per mentioned… :?:

im not sure bout Tjantek, i heard this b4 but not sure good or not… just gv a try then post up here to let us knw…

I always go to Opi de Beaute…really like their massage… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok applebee, i’ll sure try when i have time n let yall know…

i also wan try opi de beauty de

i wanna ask. any where in miri got fish spa? curious about this

ncl1511 n lacelace, I got same good review for opi de beauty…i’ll try that out oso if i hv time…hehehhe

Hi all,
To get excellent spa treatments, at great quality and affordable price in Miri, there are 2 highly recommended spas as follows:

  1. Tjantek Spa
    No 9, First Floor, Piasau Garden Shophouse
    Call: 013-8425533
    Blog: http://tjantekspamiri.blogspot.com

There’s a blog featuring the range of exquisite treatments at http://tjantekspamiri.blogspot.com. It will give you the required info on the price as well. Tjantek Spa is located in Piasau residential area, hence majority of its customer base are the local residents nearby and the expatriates from the Piasau Camp/Taman Bayshore. Due to its popularity, mainly recommendations from the words-of-mouth, Tjantek Spa remain as a spa that will give you the definite value for money. It was beautifully featured in Harian Metro, a national newspaper last month, November 2008 by a travel writer, Yooga Rani. Check out the chic blog and read more about it.

In a nutshell, Tjantek Spa boasts 3 excellent therapists. Each has its own unique techniques, however not forgetting the Balinese touch in its exquisite massage coupled with Tjantek’s signatory crouching tiger massage movements. This is basically the swift pressure movement resembling the fiery steps of a tiger, performed on the back massage. Try it and be impressed.

A must try, besides the highly-recommended massages, are the Body Lulur (or Body Exfoliation) and Intimacy Care for women (excellent and a must for marital bliss). Tjantek Spa also sells fresh jamu which are prepared fresh from its kitchen. Those who believes in the healing power of jamu, try the Jamu Sehat Wanita for women, and Jamu Kuku Bima for men. The names alone speak for itself.

A number of great packages for Bridal and Post Maternity treatments await you.
Call and Visit Tjantek Spa today…be rejuvenated, be replenished and get splendoured.

  1. Spa Village
    3rd Floor, Centre Point
    Call: 085-427196

This spa is located in town, hence, most of its clientele base are those within the viccinity. The spa boasts 2 therapists from Bali. Has a range of treatments and prices which is at par with Tjantek Spa. Nice ambience, good spa facilities and friendly therapists

Hi All, I’ve tried Tjantek Spa last 2 week…I even brought my mum in law for a spa treat…
nice environment, friendly ppl…
i took Asmara Tjintha Massage by Icha…it’s nice ppl…she even thought me how to exercise to keep fit (for women la…heheh)
My mum in law likes her treatment as well, since it was her first time in Spa she is very happy…
snap some picture, but i have not download it yet…anyway, its a good experience and ppl u should try…
tot of organizing a group of friends for a day spa out in future…still in discussion tho…
anyway, only one reminder, especially for those who wanna bring veteran for a treatment (especially those yg 1st time wanna try)…just let the masseurs know ur situation and ask them to be more soft and don’t be shy to let them know if their massage is too hard or too slow…let them know how and what you wanna it be done…ok…
recommended indeed… :stuck_out_tongue:

l only tried once body massage, never dare to go any simply place for massage, so, l decided to go at miri Marriott spa. uuhhh!! that is the best.

for male only also got, for female only also got, even for couple. although it costly, but its worth it. My husband never like being massage, coz tickle, but when l bring him, he loves it. hahaha… really nice.