Where is the best place to do body check up?

Where would u go to do body check up with reasonable price?

alfresco … lolx !!! jk jk


car body?

Depends, Male or Female? What you want checked? Full Physical? Blood Work? General Checkup? Skin Cancer Screening? Gyno? Prostrate…

Some require speciallists, some pretty much any Doc will do.

For a General Checkup or Physical, I hear Dr. Cheu is real good (Ph. 438-068).

My dad is a Doctor back in the United States, so I tend to go to specialists most the time. If I, say want to get my Heart tested (Stress Test). Lots of this is real speciallized stuff. So, if you have have something worrying you, go to a speciallist. If it’s just a General Check up with some standard blood work, like I said, anyone will do.