Where is MMC rubbish collector!

almost a week still no body collect the rubbish at my housing area, Desa Pujut 2, Permyjaya, how about your, wonder what the hell is going on with this contractor…wonder why i should pay the assesment next year, should get 50% :evil: discount, what say you!.

Well…i think i’ve seen similar post…

Yes , the problem never gone, at last the dumb dump truck collect the rubbbish this afternoon, let see when is the next truck show up.

Piasau Garden area looks back to normal… they came regularly.

Try to make an official complaint through:


I have made twice and the seem to respond to both of my complaint.

Good luck!

Last year it was absolutely terrible when the rubbish was not collected after a week in many areas and it is only at the beginning of this year that it’s back to normal i.e. 3 times a week. Good that they are doing their job right. :slight_smile:

If these matter still happening… i would like suggest go to MMC. check who is your councillor at your area & dump it in front of his / her house. It seen that they sleeping on the jobs… Makan gaji buta.
If not, dump in front of mayor’s house.
if not, nobody in MMC bother rakyat’s problem

Kedai kopi culture. :slight_smile:

Time to UBAH

now collect once a week only :twisted: .

Worst management by worst Mayor ever …

just throw those rubbish at that Lai Ha Ma front gate…

Went to Tudan area last time and see the rubbish is just terrible.

Pity those who lives there.

should have highlight this rubbish issue to DSAI during last night ceramah.

I just came back from Miri for CNY holiday. Ya, the rubbish conditions is terrible la there.

you guys should see desa senadin phase 3 condition… very dirty… =.=’ The big rubbish bin isn’t suppose to be there…

Honestly i believe that you can call MCC miri to voice out your opinion about this. it’s worth a try.
https://www.google.com.my/url?sa=t&rct= … Gc&cad=rja
=D have a pleasant day!

■■■■!!! Even happening here in my area! Thought Miri is a city it should be okay but like this cehhhh!!