Where is Kenyah (Sebob) from?

In matter of facts Kenyah (Sebob) can be found in Long Loyang (Ulu Tinjar Baram) only. This race mainly from a land called Tanah Apao. Tanah Apao was located far, far, far away from Long Loyang people always say in ULU. If you guys wanna go sure do it take 1 month and 7 days. The land was so cold and there was a team of explore do an expidition to that land some of them quit cuz they cannot stand anymore. Some they’ve made it.

After the attacked of those Dayak (Penan and Iban) cuz that time they haunting for head. Kenyah people ran away to Tanah Dapui. Dapui is not quite far whereby now the government want to do some project around there. After the government found a suit land for those Kenyah (Sebob), the government asked them moved to new land called Long Loyang. Until now they still living on that land.

Hence I’m proud to be one of them eventhough I’m not purely Kenyah (Sebob)

R u sure u hv d rite info dude??!! :roll:

Neway, welcome aboard tuyangggg…I’m proud 2 b Kenyah 2 tho i’m nt pure Kenyah like u…I’m Kenyah frm Telang Usan - Kenyah Uma’ Pawak. Some says Kenyah Sebob & Kenyah Uma’ Pawak hv something in common such as d dialects… :wink:

yupe … i get the right info…
my grandma used to told me that … all of Kenyah (sebob) knew bout it …
Hence i’m not pure kenyah, kedayan brunei, melanau bintulu, dusun and bajau. Too much mix … but still the rest like melanau, dusun and bajau it was a lil bit past for presents i’m kedayan brunei + kenyah (sebob) boi…

i only can speak kenyah sebob, english and malay only… rest i dunno LOLZ

Bi-lingual… :wink:

wat do i can understand what r u saying is that ada and the rest I dunno hehheee!! Yeah it does our dialects almost the same but still some part of the words I can’t understand much LOL!

Hai …Tega Ikem ?? Ake’ Ni Kina’…Isen Ake Pisiu ngen ngeliga dulu Kenyah chen Telang Usan…hehehheheh…Nice to know about the info dude…
ABout the Kenyah (Sebob)…Anyway…are they as modern as most of the Kenyah Community now??

yupe … but our community nowadays getting less … cuz ai bi irah lakek ngan ledo. Pinar irah mukun tipo muku ata dayah la’ah. I mean there’s not much young guys and girls stay at Long Loyang except those grandma’s. That’s the truth. Most of them are living in this big city (Miri)

Tiga la kua ina tuyang…nai na ilu kelembun pemung tiga kimet ngan tawai kak MiriComm ni… :wink:

Perhaps we cn hv some sort of gathering/bbq/picnic/high-tea o wateva among d Kenyah community in MiriComm jst 2 get 2 knw each othr better… 8) 4 all u knw, we might b cousin??? mmuehehehe… :stuck_out_tongue:

yupe I agree with you … we should have Kenyah Community. Cuz not much people want to organise this kind of stuff. Cuz sometimes I attend the Persatuan Orang Kenyah dinner. Maybe we could meet there then.

This race mainly from a land called Tanah Apao. [/quote]


The place should be called Usun Apau isnt it?

All kenyahs are orginated from that place whether you are sebob or lepok agak or lepok tau or lepok k or lepok jengan, etc.

any other kenyahs besides Ladybird, sobzphenz and myself as members of mc?

kumbin buk telu tai nisep kupi ca tau o?

nisep kupi buleh, nisep burak pun buleh 2yang ahakz…atek tiga buk ilu nisep burak ngan kuman isak babui atau pun isak bu’in, matai tajin selatak langit na…sslluurrpppsssss… :smiley:

akek kelo alak kesempatan ini, kelo na cha dua tirak kuma ilu mung yak un kak ini…selamat uman mading kuma ilu lepo Kenyah kak ini…arep ilu cha kimet cha tawai dalem pemuyan ilu ngan dulu kak tanah abak ni… :wink:

Kenyah’s come from Indon

is it?

I think somewhere between Sarawak and Kalimantan la…

cannot be all the way from Jawa or Sumatra arrr… :roll:

tega tawai mung panak… haha…hope i use the right words
i m mixed kelabit + kenyah + saban. I m kenyah from my mom’s side. My late grandpa is from Lio Mato. As told by my old folks, mostly kenyahs, kelabits, sabans are from kalimantan. people moved here and there due to some outbreaks or find better land to cucuk-tanam. tats why mostly orang ulu have something in common; culture + beliefs etc.

bah panak mung…boka un ca masa free tepat mung, arrange la masa tai tepat nisep kupi atau teh tarik… hiha… :lol:

hello there…i’m from Lg.Loyang…balan avo…all about my villaged is true.this coming June we celebrated the 50th years anniversary…god bless us always.i’m at Europe now.

u should hv org ulu community forum
eh, oredi have ka?
org ulu girlz hot…so fair-skin!!

Early Sarawak Kenyah in the Ulu Baram and Tinjar came from the Usun Apau but long before this the Kenyah came from the Ulu Iwan (Apo Da’a). Two groups moved out, one into the Usun Apau then the other to the Bahau and Punjungan in Kalimantan Timur. Later those in the Apo Kayan moved to the Mahakam and Kayan Hilir, Kapuas and Baluy rivers.

Kenyah migration continued and the later migrants (lepo tau, lepo jamuk,lepo aga, lepo jingan) moved into the Usan Apau. Another group went to the Apo Kayan (lepo tau, lepo tukung and uma jalan). that’s why the stories of the origin are different - depending when you came.

The Usun Apau was abandoned later when Kenyah could not move down into the Rejang area because of Iban so they also went to the Baram and Tinjar leaving Usun Apau to the Penan who now have also left it.

So you guys are part of the great Kenyah migration over hundreds of years to the coast! You are part of the history of these great people. Don’t forget your history!

Any of you from Long Silat or L. Moh area?

I am planning to visit the Usun Apau next year but not sure whether i’ll go by sg. Julan or Selio

If any of you our Kenyah brothers & sisters organising a trip back to the ulu kampung of your forefathers, would you mind if some of us non-ulu people join you - to learn about your history, cultures, the beauty of sarawak and to take photos? i promise i’ll be good boy… 8)

hah hah.

Yes do invite others.

last time I went to the Ulu baram, a Kenyah girl from KL came along to visit her kampong. But after 6 years walking in shopping malls and escalaters she could not walk on the log from river to long house!!

Whole village found it amusing. her father had to carry her on his back up the slope!