Where can I play CRICKET in Miri? Plz help

Hi All,

I am an expatriate working in Miri.

I would like to know that where can I play CRICKET in Miri. I am an avid cricket player, who has been playing this sport since childhood. But since I have arrived in Miri, I havent played it once and hence I have started getting a bit restless now.

Is there any place where I can go and play CRICKET in Miri or meet people who have some interest in this game?? Plz help me. Thanks

Inquire with KRP (Kelab Rekreasi Petrolium), Lutong. It’s near to Shell and Petronas Office complexes. I believe they have a cricket team there.

Thanks a lot. But is specifically for Shell or Petronas’s employees?

It’s a members club but I believe sports are open as long as you’re on the team.