Where can i get Playstation 2 component cable in miri?

I try Chop SoonSeng at Boulevard, don’t have. Bintang plaza second floor game shop = the shop owner said out of stock(well, think he speak the truth because the lcd tv that he displayed in front of his shop is connected to PS2 using component cable. Any place left to go?


E-Game Station

I can’t purchase it online…Emart and E-Game Station refer to online shop or real shop places? Where does the shop located?

Now PS 2 sale how much already?

Sorry about that, but I thought
you’re in Miri…?

Anyway, Emart’s around Tudan,
Permyjaya and Senadin…

On your right if you come back
from Brunei to town area…

It’s an offline shop…

Call 0128536010 Ah Ti for quotes…

  • SaM

Sorry for the trouble , I am in Miri, I need the address of the Emart as I am not really familiar with surrounding area of miri. Can you provide landmark or address of Emart?

Oh I see…

Well, do you know how to go to Brunei?
If from Miri town you act as if you’re going
to Brunei you will see the whole Emart
Commercial Center on the left, it’s so
big with the signboards you definitely
won’t miss it.

Or maybe Senadin or Tudan area as
a guide?

You familiar with that?

Or… From town you go through Lutong
bridge then when you reach Tudan traffic
lights, you turn into Tudan area and go
straight until the other end you will see


  • Sam

Hmm…I try to go through the road tomorrow and see if I can find the shop. Thanks in advance…

Anytime friend… Alternatively you can call
Ah Ti 0126536010 for an arrangement of
deliveries or something like that…

Or PM me your number I’ll try to get
something worked out to be as convenient
as possible for you…

Made an Order from frenz lives at KL…

Send by courier…

Yeah, I manage to buy one from the place that TopEarner mentioned!! The shop owner reduced the price from RM68 to RM50. Thank you very much for telling me the place, TopEarner. It a far place indeed…

Now I only need to get a new lcd monitor that I mentioned on the other thread :twisted: (my old tv is just too old) :slight_smile: