Where can I find monkey? (jungle side)

Any idea where I can easily find many monkeys running around? Don’t say forest. Talking about a place where they come find “urban” food.

Miri i am not sure, but if brunei,you can go to the taman rekreasi. Kuching will be bako. you have to go there in correct time otherwise they wont show up.

Oh yeah,Taman buaya have monkey too.

where exactly in taman buaya did you find it? wild monkey yah? not those in cage.

just tell me briefly, if not help me point out in wikimapia.org

i go find hehe

wild monkey difficult lah…you need to try your luck in hutan… If in brunei, there are alot sometime (as a group) at certain place… Good luck.why do you need those monkey?

when i stay at canada hill last time, got monkey climb on my fence. lol

try passing by those bekenu bridge you’ll see a group of monkeys, normally in the evening if you’re lucky.

stew monkey with some ginger should be tasty, i presume.

Oh true! Now i remember, in the morning, you can find monkey there. try your luck and tell us the result. :slight_smile:

bekenu bridge… ok will try

i haven’t been there for a while, there many bridges?
u eat monkeys? is it illegal to kill monkey? or catch?

I remember see monkeys near sibuti area there…
Long time didn’t go…don’t know still got or not…

Why in the world you want to find monkeys anyway?

[quote=“biatche”]bekenu bridge… ok will try

i haven’t been there for a while, there many bridges?
u eat monkeys? is it illegal to kill monkey? or catch?[/quote]

U can do anything in this bolehland. If caught then U pay the Kopi “O”

Do you know that there’s a jogging hill near Bumiko, under the hill, got small jungle…got many monkeys there. Cos i live nearby, the jungle is behind my house. U can see them swingin between 4pm-6pm. That’s wad i know…

take photos… or maybe pet… who knows haha…

ok someone else told me about bumiko “behind bumiko” near “st joseph” my friend said…

ok since u live there yours should be more accurate… i seldom go there, but live nearby, need to find out how to get there

All type of monkey in sarawak are illegal to keep as pet, kill, or sell.

Unless you go to wisma pelita floor 11 or 17 which is Sarawak Forestry Department to apply for license first. it might take up to months for them to approve. :slight_smile:

you don’t want to sit in jail or get fine up to 10k don’t you? :lol:


Baby monkey (jinak), RM350 Male. 0138380033

i see a lot of monkeys at club celebrities and other pubs every weekend…u can try ur luck there :slight_smile:

To Kerteh Airport Terengganu got many monkey and they all only lepaking on side of the road. If you cannot find one at Sarawak, why not try Semenanjung Malaysia… ehehe