Where can I find a junk car?

i’m wondering where in miri can I find a junk car (i.e. spoilt engine but framework and gears still ok). I don’t need a proper working car because I plan to install an electric motor to run the car i.e. electric car. If I buy a usable car, I don’t need the ICE engine, which is a waste. I was hoping to find a Kancil.

you could try ask from the police. sometimes they sell those stolen,blacklisted cars.

erm mostly i saw the ‘junk’ car reli a piece of junk xD
or mayb u buy the car and try to sell off the engine :slight_smile:
my suggestion la haha

i have one, a toyota KE, contact me if you interested 0128786967

how about the one near to Pujut Bus Terminal there? the one near the junction? seems like old Japanese-model car. been sitting there for ages.

look for junk car but hoping junk kancil??? wow… difficult bro…never see any perodua kancil as a junk car…unless it is accident car that more worst then a junk car…hehe

mira non turbo engine juz less than 2k… i dun think ppl will throw the car due to dead engine. haha…
try Tiara … i can source u for RM1.5-2k :slight_smile: depend on chassis condition, better be fast cos it getting strip down for parts… got 2 unit if not mistaken(one still can drive) , got to ask my fren… he own a scrape yard.

Wau ! I never thought someone would really want to convert to electric. I’ve seen on tv that 12 lead-acid batt would be sufficient.

Is there some sort of a kit available ?

and how about jpj? because their website isnt very clear about such conversion.

why don’t u try build electric bicycle 1st? it would be much more cheaper. or electric motorbike youtube have lots of video on that.

are u referring to the TA40? i thought it has been scrapped. in front of soon foong right?

what motor u going to dump inside the chassis? u have to consider the motor torque and power first. based on my experience, high torque electric motor is very expensive, which can carry high load.

lets say:

target speed: 30km/h
power: 5kW
power voltage: 24v (from lorry batteries)
transmission: direct transmission, 1 speed. chain or timing belt

then u have to find suitable electric motor to power that chassis.

i would like to suggest u to build up your chassis using hollow pipe. u can refer to SAE standards where they develop racing cars for formula varsity.

bro, prius use 240+v motor only to run for low speed , higher speed will be taken over by engine…

i dont think there is any electric motor could work as u siad up to 300km/h with only 24v… lorry battery use 2 x 12v , so there is no diff as normal 12v batt we use in our saloon car.