Where can I buy vga box at Miri?

As the title indicate, where can I buy one? I went to computer shop at Parkson today and the seller didn’t seem to know what is it…

what’s it use for? To convert VGA signal to composite/component?

Nope, to convert either composite, s-video, or component to vga/DVI signal

Emm,seldom see any shops in Miri selling that.I got one from KL last few weeks which convert componet signal to VGA.I plan to use it from PSP to LCD monitor.It seems like u need to pay attention to the resolution that VGA box can provide(if not mistaken,it’s writen it support up to 1680x1050).For example,i connect it with Dell 22" monitor and the pic seen a bit on the right side,cant adjust from the VGA box or monitor.However,it’s fine when i use it in a 7" LCD monitor with a resolution of only 800x 600.Anyway,it ended up i return it to the shop,not so satisfy with it.FYI,i bought it arround RM180.

I also got one type of cable with one end VGA,the other end component(Red,Green,Blue) without audio out.I tried it and it can only convert from VGA to Component but NOT component to VGA.

Just to share,i heard from some online forum(lowyat.net if not mistaken) saying there’re quite a lot of different brand of such VGA box but those in the price range RM100+ to RM200+ are basically not so good and mostly made in Taiwan & China,with some chinese words on the cover.

Hope this helps. :smiley:

**If u happen to find one,a good one (component to VGA),pls let me know,i’m thinking of getting one also. :wink: