Where Can I Apply Industrial training? HELP

Im taking the course of Diploma in Occupational Safety and Helth in miri (Fajar International College) and i took NEBOSH certificate and currently just waiting my result out at 18 of january. i go to drop letter to many company but now there is no respond at all, now i starting worry. Any 1 here can point me what should i do or any recommendation for me to the indstrial training? thanks for u all reply.

You can try all the companies in Piasau.

Try factories or plants… they take fresh grad normally, but with minimal pay… if you think of working for an offshore company, they wont ‘layan’ you without any offshore experience or even experience working as safety officer on shore.

As for industrial training… I doubt there’s any for that. Start working for small factories or plants… work your way up in your experience. I may be wrong, but that’s as far as I would know about it.

thanks to u all reply to me… im very appreciate it
the salary for me is not the 1st priority… i just want to do the thing related to my studies, i just want to get experience in this field but hope there’s an opportunity for me. i will work hard to kept sent my resume to all the company… Hope its wok. haha

If there’s an vacancy related to the health and safety. Leave ur comment at here. May be the jobs u offer not suitable me, but it might be useful to others. I LOVE MIRI as well as MIRIAN^^

haha nick dun worry la slow slow find la…since ure not in a hurry

haha… im not hurry… but im worry… newbie in thie field… NO relationship = NO jobs wakaka

palm oil mill or plantation sure got…

relationship is damn important hehehe

Ya…i heard plantation need people…

but location is abit far away… :frowning: