When Iphone 7 Launch?

Who knows when Iphone 7 launch at Malaysia?i can`t wait to buy it!i heard the camera was awesome for those who love photography like selfie and wefie like me!
Please share if you have any idea?Thank u…

can say that every new phone with high spec, the camera sure is the main thing must improve…
nowadays a lot of ppl replacing their digital camera with smart phone camera, for sure will look for best camera phone…

do anyone know when is the release date? scare there will be lot of ppl queue for the first release

Normal la iPhone always need to queue. Even pre-order also like no diff because always limited stock one

Eh this year I only saw this https://www.bluecube.com.my/BlueCubeOnline/roi.jsp?product=MDR4760 but dono when full then cannot preorder anymore. Really good luck to those wana buy first or wana try buying first lol

eleh…the other telco also got that pre order lah…not only bluecube…!

but in Malaysia still don’t have any spectacular information.
what i know is bluecube only just register for interest only.
dont wasting your time la.

u should know that u stay in Malaysia.huhuhu.register in advance can get to know the iphone bundle plan earlier from Celcom through mail.so that u just to have to choose which telco do u want to register.just like me.so i already clear bout that.

that is not fpr pre order!that is only register for interest!pupil misunderstanding bout that.im searching at that site just now.when it will launch at Malaysia as currently still no information, even the telco are yet to introduce any device for bundle plan.sorry to say that.

Really ahhh? i thought preorder somemore. meaning have to wait even longer la now because only register interest. so by the time that bluecube request from apple will take how long??? alamak! and i dont see other telco offering somemore!

hi all. first time here. i bumped into this when google search iphone 7. i check bluecube already so any news on iphone 7 please update cause im interested. thank you all.

Still dont have any idea when the launch date.yes.the camera was awesome and it also water resist.i love selfie too.but what i know is blue cube site has registration for interest.u may try to register.:grin: compare to other telco`s i think blue cube site was so friendly user because who want the iPhone u have to register first and the u will get the “BONUS”!and i think i want to share the link to u https://www.bluecube.com.my/BlueCubeOnline/roi.jsp?product=MDR4760. Have a try!

if no why need to wasting ut time to register???

i know,but when u register with bluecube site it is more manageable because they have their register for interest first and then who knows they will give us a surprise?

i heard about that too…the “surprise”?im not sure on that because what i know is i dont want to register to any telco coz i want to ensure that my lovely iPhone 7 is original…i just want to check by my own…i dont care if people said that im old school people!

personally i am the Apple brand lover #PPAP…huhuhuhuhu…i cannot change it because i tried once but its failed.i cant use Android because i will feel award…huhuhuhuhh…my finger is applicable for iPhone only…the camera damn perfect!the design was so exclusive!but still dunno when the exactly date the launching is…
Go Iphone 7!

hello!that one is only for register for interest only lah…!

hey!u know what?i just received the email from my registration at BlueCube Online just now that i might the lucky one that chosen to get iPhone 7 at RM7/77/777!can u imagine that?!!please pray for me that im the lucky one!

hey, good thing doesnt wait ppl, i saw that celcom do have the pre order since 7th of October 2016, and you know, today is the last day, since that you so hope to get the latest iphone 7, just walk in at celcom bluecube to know more about it

i saw over here, https://bluecube.com.my/BlueCubeOnline/preorder.jsp , seem like still available those iphone 7, from 32GB to 256GB, whatever colour also got

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