When fuels goes high!

hahah will our city become like this after the high rising of fuel? take an look and enjoy

walao…still need traffic light AR?

OMG…what will the world turn into…
pathetic but that clip really makes me laugh

Why they have to stand at the parking space ah?

y no plate number on their body?

hang a dog tag on them lo… ahha…

cos they are parking themselves at the parking lot

cos they din pay road tax mah… hahahaha

human power… no more horse power… :lol: :lol:

how about rainning day ??

take umbrealla and wiper lo… ahahhaa

standing at the parking lot look stupid.

they are parking themselves lolzz

This is nice, accident free!!! :slight_smile:

lol… they might be figthing if collided

i like the bus sekolah part and picking children up part… haha… stop infront of the kid and follow the back…

lol tat was stupid too !!

how they pay the bus sekolah then?? :mrgreen:

How to play ICE a?

that time will bcome IEE=in ear entertaiment,all ppl bring mp3/4,orelse…hehehehehhe…bring denon radio/disc player…hahahhaha :mrgreen: :mrgreen: