Wheels in Motion Photography session

Any Mirian wants to join this type of photography session?
Date and Time TBC. Preferably weekends. (Open to Suggestion)
Cost: TBC.
Setup: Rig
What you get? Both soft and hard copy.
Safe? Yes,only run 5mph to get the “Wheels in Motion” :smiley:
Anyone interested, please do email me at SkyCafePhotography@yahoo.com

Here’s a sample for those who don’t have a clue on what it is,this shot was taken in Brunei for the BruStu Rides:


teach me how …pls2 …^^

join to take photo or get their ride photo taken? :megreen:

Get their ride photo taken,
Need a good location and less traffic.
Open to suggestion.

niceeeeeee. i like this type of shots!
ur rig is DIY or store bought?

oh… thought joining as photographer haha good question craziechild!

Actually I am the photographer,
Rig is custom aluminium poles, supporting gears are by Manfrotto.
Alternatively,you can check all my work here:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/skycafepho … 476105803/