What'z your favourite anime?

W[size=150]hat’z your favourite anime?[/size]

Dunno Miri’an got watch any anime or not, but I’m one anime-otaku myself. Am I a little bit too old for this… I wonder?

ha, just wish to know if anyone have the same taste as me or not…
Ichigo Mashimaro is top for the humor. <like this above all others, watching it over and over>
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu is top for -so-what-unique-
Full Metal Panic is top for action.
Mushishi is top for mysterious.
Jigoku Shoujo is top for horror.

haha in the end I end up with so many favourite… :smiley:

how about you?

Bleach,Speed Grapher and M.A.R

Cowboy Bebop

ArcAngelD and ian… I guess you know my friend Dexter Raydie, taman tunku… :slight_smile:

i watch…naruto,bleach,rave,yakitate japan,samurai 7,pokemon(its kira anime ahso),one piece,BECK,peace maker kuragane,digimon,aand…sonic x…hehe…you could call me an otaku lol…hmm all anime i watch bcome my fav…if i dun like drop it terus…so all this my fav^^

Ahh, at last… anime thread :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s a list of my recommended anime. :smiley:

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist - action packed, alchemy woooo!!
  2. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - unique, and funny :smiley:
  3. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - horror, better than Jigoku Shoujo IMO.
  4. Blood+ - Action, chiroptera killing anime
  5. Black Lagoon - Action also, mostly ilegal jobs done with guns and stuff. Levi is hot, and she’s dangerous with her GUNS :smiley:
  6. Coyote Ragtime Show (new) - Released few weeks ago. Watched first EP, definitely going to continue :smiley:
  7. School Rumble 1st and [url=http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=4222]2nd - Extremely funny. Seriously.
  8. Kyou no Go no Ni - Funny 5th graders. They’re like… LOL
  9. Love Hina - One guy, work as a manager in an all girls dorm. Another comedy ecchi type of anime :stuck_out_tongue:

All links goes to AniDB’s database. A good anime info site. :smiley:

BTW, I cant wait for Naruto and Bleach’s filler to finish. I am so sick with the bounto crap and the stupid mini mission of naruto


[quote=“GeminiGeek”]BTW, I cant wait for Naruto and Bleach’s filler to finish. I am so sick with the bounto crap and the stupid mini mission of naruto


me too…

BTW, are you sure that you have watch Jigoku Shoujo? Higurashi no Naku Koro is bloody hell moe girl but the story isn’t keeping me. BTW, Jigoku Shoujo’s OST is great! I like hearing it when I’m depressed and sleepless midnights.

School Rumble is good, I love 's ending song in the first season. It will be great if Yuko-chan play Tsukamoto-chan in a real movie :smiley:

Just watched the “Coyote Ragtime Show” and looks like it’s not keeping me either, I guess I’ll still go for the second raw release and see if it worth it…

I watch one piece, InitialD, RO, &…

Ah yes, I almost forgot Initial D as my favourite racing anime.

BTW, Vicky, what is RO? Ragnarok Online?

Yea, i do watch Jigoku Shoujo. I think it’s a little too repetitive. It gets better only at the end of the show, maybe the final 3-4 episodes where the journalist (forgot his name :P) tries to uncover the truth behind Enma Ai. It would be better if they cut it short :stuck_out_tongue:

there will be Live Action? coooool!!! I like the dumbness of Tsukamoto… hahahahaha :lol:

Owh, I forgot. I do watch Utawarerumono. Aruru and Eruru is toooooooooooo cute :mrgreen:

geminigeek=chan siau liang rite…if im right…i think…im nadia’s bro…anyways…i also watch full metal alchemist…ending was bad…bakuretsu tenshi ive watched too…haha sexy lol…story was abit rushed but wasnt that bad…ro oso i watched oredi@@that anime tak ikut the laws of ro the game lol…but it was nice…naruto…fillers nvr stop@@…i think its gonna take a long time…the manga still keeps me attached to the story tho…so i still continue to watch naruto even though now its mostly comedy missions…bleach…bounto filler so crappy man…castlevania/dracula influences so ketara…anyways still watch…but they make ichigo look so weak…boring see him fight…the manga baru best…can control his hollow ord lol…i want to see that in anime version!..im sure there are more animes i watch…but forgot title…oh yea…if u watch BECK…it has the best OST ive ever heard…if your into the story lah…cos i can relate to taht story…making a band…learning guitar…to bad i dont have a mahou in my life lol…if u watch teh story youll know owh well…

yeah… you got BECK back from Al yet? i wanna pinjam! :smiley:

Al still alive?!!!

wuts up with huasing@@ no…al stupOd i ask back he slow react

ah, my poor english; I dunno what you mean? you also gang with Al?
Is he in this channel? I lost contact with him after he came out from Shell Lutong. Help me say hi to him tensaigamer, you are really tensai desuyo :stuck_out_tongue:

tensai-dono and tenshi-dono(ArcAngelD), I hope you heard God Knows from Suzumiya haruhi Ep12. The Singer, Hirano Aya was recently awarded 5th top by Oricon for this song alone! Well, check out the guitar, I’m high… high… high… BECK is in the top no more. :smiley:

Huasing… wrong Al leh… im taking about Azarel… and u are talking about diff ppl… (i think)

ive watch… naruto, bleach, gundam seed and destiny… emm emm then wat else ar? me long time no watch jor XD~ bz with uni stuffs… then lazy to wait for naruto and bleach also… so sien… :?

weird, nowadays girlz watch naruto, bleach, gundam seed and destiny… your boy friend force you to watch kah? :roll: