What's wrong with road users these days?


I have been staying here(Miri) for almost 3 months now and just by observing the road situations here, I can say it is quite dangerous to drive here especially at night and during peak hours i.e School days, before and after office hours.

I’ve bumped into one bad situation, one car almost hit my car’s bump while he tried to go to right lane. Trying to maneuver his way to the other lane as if there was a large gap between my car and the other car coming from the right lane. Luckily i managed to pressed the gas a lil harder n left some safe distance before being kissed by tht damn black Honda City Car(Brunei Plat).

Dude, wherever you plan to go and wherever it is, that place is still there, and will always be there. Think of other road users please.We have families tht are waiting for us at home and with your reckless bad behaviour, you are the reasons why many accidents happened.

Anyway, drive carefully and think of others, a single bad decision will somehow land you or others on hospital beds or maybe 6 feet under.

Good day.