What's This?

Dear members of MCNet,

Mind telling me what is this tower ( photo below ) for? It has been erected overnight since last few weeks. I only managed to snap a photo of it last 2 days. It’s behind Halo Cafe. Might have came up in the newspapers but I seldom read newspaper lately. Pardon me for my ignorance… hehee…

My guess is, it might have to do with the Wi-Fi services thingy, rite? Saw another few of it’s kind in Pujut and Krokop areas. Anyway, would this kind of structure pose any side effect to surrounding people? Ya know… sound wave… etc…

heh heh heh.

I have been asking the same question as well.
Glad that you brought it up here.

Hmmm, I think it’s a new kind of tree species. You know, the evolution thingy! haa haa haa. Or perhaps, some sort of alien communication device. :slight_smile: heh heh heh.

Sorry, can’t really answer your question.

I am sure some of the guys here can.
We will just wait then. :slight_smile:

if im not wrong is Celcom n Maxis telecommunication tower.

telecom tower loh, evident with the whip antenna mounted on top of the structure. dunno for what base station though.

I bet my bottom dollar it’s a telecommunication tower belonging to either Celcom or Maxis!

If I’m wrong, it is a spy tower because Mirians are rebels without a cause!!! :lol:

Cupid bro,

is it not a scud missile ready for launching hitting manila :lol: :lol: :



[quote=“Cupid”]I bet my bottom dollar it’s a telecommunication tower belonging to either Celcom or Maxis!


why have to be celcom or maxis? Why not Digi? :roll:

why not WiMax?

Are they for cellphones?It seems the stations are too close to each other.If you notice along the old Miri Bintulu highway the signal works about 10 kms from each station.I have seen them at krokop(behind old Ba kut teh),behind halo ,behind Yi ha hai seafood restaurant,they are so close. :wink:

er…this ar…it is NASA secret satelite receiver tower muahahah :mrgreen:

if i’m not mistaken, it has something to do with the wireless broadband thing i think

Seems like nobody know exactly what is that tower for… hmm…

don’t be silly All,

was obviously a homing beacon,
put up for assisting Santa,

can be chopped down now? :wink:

I think is a communication tower belongs to SACOFA.

It’s a communications tower. To put all the comms equipment on it so as to reduce the amount of stuff on the rooftops so the magic ‘radiowaves’ don’t enter our brains and turn us into mindless flesh-eating zombies.

Something like that…