What's the Latest Blackberry Model Available in Miri?

Hi all,

I have not been following up about Blackberry smartphone.
Therefore was wondering if you guys by any chance know what is the latest Blackberry Model available here in Miri and where can I get it?

I try to browse for it, but I don’t think the latest model posted online will be available here in Miri or for the next two weeks.
So will appreciate it if you guys can advise and point me to the right direction.

Thank you very much.

IIRC, Blackberry Torch 9800 and BB Bold 9780 are the latest one…
I could be wrong cos I’m not following BB’s news much…

Thanks gustaveritcher,

Ya, I didn’t really follow on BB as well.
That’s why have no idea where to start looking in a short time.

Anyway, thanks for the info. I will look into the two you just mentioned. :slight_smile:
Hopefully to get somewhere from there. :slight_smile:

By any chance you know who is selling BB here in Miri?

I know Digi has it. But I am not sure if their BB is the latest model.
Furthermore, they required some sort of subscription towards their package.

Does Maxis has a BB?

Yes, Maxis do have BB.
Actually all three carriers do have BB but I think they all require you to sign for their package.
I’m not sure if they sell the phone without contract or not.
As far as I know, Digi seems to have the cheapest plan… but they seems not to have the latest BB.
While Celcom has the most expensive plan, they do have Torch and Bold 9780.
As for Maxis, I’m not so sure if they have Torch and Bold 9780, but they do have Pearl, which is not available for the other 2 carriers IIRC.
You may refer their websites for better ideas.

However, I do know that local mobile store do sell BB phone. For instance, my friend got her Torch in Parkson ground floor, i think is Alphacom if not mistaken.
Other than Alphacom, there is one just located in front of the escalator (Old Wings) and McDonald Sundae Store there. I think I saw them selling BB Bold last time… but not sure which Bold that is…

By the way, just a reminder, Aiphacom usually has the latest gadgets in town with affordable price, but when you buy the phone from them, be sure to check properly cos they do sell second hand phone at the price of brand new phone.
The other store that has the latest gadgets around is TT Art (Boulevard GF - just besides the entrance of toilet), but their price is definitely very high.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:
Happy hunting!!

Hi there, are u lokking for bb torch? I got mine for ap set at agora arm resourses last tuesday, which mean 1 week ago. Its still look exactly new set, 99.9999 percent condition. The reason I’m letting go because I don’t like the function of bb, I used iphone before and when I turn into bb user, it makes different there. So I hope u would not think that my bb unit is underwater. It is ap set from at&t. I’m selling it at 1450. Cheapest deal in town. 017 815 5099 jack. Thanks.


Thanks gustaveritcher, I found a few shop selling BB at Parkson. The two you mentioned and another one is close to the indoor money changer area right below the ground floor staircase. Name shop is Celcom i think. hehehe. Another one is XOX next to SenQ. Both same owner though (TT Art Photo). hehe. Anyway, thanks for your info, at least I know what I am looking for. Next I will have to make a trip down to Maxis and ask them how to activate it.

Roji, I think I will be more interested in BB9780. Thanks for the offer anyway. :slight_smile:

So, you got yourself BB already? Congratz!!! Hope you enjoy your new gadget!!